Welcome to Axyl.

Axyl is a Linux distro centered on tiling window managers.
Level up your productivity with i3, bspwm, dwm and more.

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What is Axyl?

Tiling Windows

Axyl focuses fully on tiling WMs, so we can give you the best experience for advanced users.

Solid Software

This distro comes with your favorite programs like Alacritty, Polybar and NvChad.

Minimal Base

Built on Arch Linux, Axyl follows the KISS principles, keeping the base system minimal yet flexible.

Window Managers

In Axyl, each window manager has its own color scheme.
Choose one, or install as many as you want.

i3 (default)

The classic tiling window manager. i3-gaps adds gaps between windows.


A tiling window manager that represents a full binary tree.
Tokyo Night


The dynamic window manager by suckless. Axyl uses chadwm, from the creator of NvChad.
One Dark


A dynamic window manager written and configured in Haskell.
I tested Axyl and installed it. Runs like a Ferrari and no issues at all. It is a simple distribution with all I need to have the job done.
Nelson Duarte

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